About me

Jan Togtema is graduated at the Agriculture College of Groningen and graduated at the State Veterinary University of Utrecht in 1976. He has been more than 30 years practical veterinarian and agronomist. Over the years he has specialised in animal production and increasingly focussed on the Herd Health Management of pig, dairy and beef cattle farms. In addition to his veterinary practice he also acts as an international advisor in Farm management.

He is since 2005 world wide an independent partner in integrated solutions and strategic concepts from feed to food in animal production.

His focus is on countries/regions in the world where transitions take place from traditional ways of animal husbandry in more modern, more efficient, less risky, more animal – and environmental friendly ways of animal husbandry and related chain concepts.

On many projects in Peoples Republic of China, Fillipines, Panama, Russia, Colombia, Africa, the Eastern European Countries: Rumenia, Bosnie-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, his approach has succesfully applied to farms and dosed at educational institutes.